Captured Reflections

So I thought it’d be good to look through my past images and throw away any that are boring or double. At the same time I’m trying to assign stars, from 1 to 5, and give meaningful keywords. It’s a hard job that takes a lot of time, but I see some benefits from it:

  • The images that remain tell the story in a more clear way. For example, the vacation photos of some place — if previously I had 100 images, now I’ve left about 30. Each shows a different aspect, different light, or a different mood. If I were to show the images to someone who’s never been to this place, it’s better to show only those remaining images.
  • Constantly comparing images, skipping back and forth, trains the eye.
  • Looking at the images I delete shows me what’s wrong with my images.
  • I discover some good images
  • I relive nice moments form the past.

So I’ll go on looking through my photos and trashing the hell out of bad and mediocre ones. If nothing else, I’m freeing up some hard-disk space.

Two Glasses