I love photography and I’ve been photographing seriously since 1997. I can take a well focused photograph with a clear theme and with proper exposure any time, but my images rarely create an emotional responce in the viewer. If you ask me to show you my greatest photos, I’d be able to show about 10, maybe 15 — but that’s it, from over 20 GB of images on my hard drive.

The problem is definitely not lack of equipment or lack of understanding of the technical concepts. I know all about aperture, shutter-speed, depth-of-field, metadata, color spaces, profiles, shooting RAW, exposing to the right and so on. I have an excellent DSLR, a couple of high-quality zooms, a few primes, flash, tripod — the whole lot. So I guess I am the weakest link in the chain — as a photographer composing the image in the viewfinder and as a photographer using Photoshop.

Maybe I’m setting my goals too high, but I don’t think so.

So come along, follow me in my quest to improve my images and if you can, help me become an artist.

Yours truly
06 July, 2007
Hamburg, Germany