Tasty Thai!

Today I had a cooking course at the local community college. I love cooking and I like taking pictured of food, so I thought it’s a perfect way to spend the rainy Saturday. And the topic was Thai, which is one of my favorite cuisines!

Thought about taking a tripod along, but decided against it — didn’t want to scare the other hobby-chefs. Plus I knew that there wouldn’t be any fancy table-cloth or serving utensils, so I didn’t expect to be able to make any really great photos.

One day I would very much like to shoot the images for a cookbook.

Thai Chilis

I took some nice photos, photos that a non-photographer would be very happy with, but there was nothing artistic there. So I keep wondering, how do I jump over that wall that separates a technically skilled photographer from an artist. Is it a question of having it inside oneself, or can I learn to see? All I know is, I’m far from my goal…

Any ideas?

Cut Mellon