All Alone and Still Gathering Attention

I was in Hannover for a few days and went out with the tripod one evening, planning to shoot some tower cranes near the central train station. I found them interesting because there were too many of them on a small area and because their booms were decorated by colorful lights. Well, my wide-angle was not wide enough for all cranes in one image, and all my attempts to get some interesting crops failed.

I was ready to call it a day when I noticed this fellow waiting for the bus. I immediately spotted the two men on the advertisements to his right, forming a funny succession: a drunk man, a well-dressed man, a man in a convertible. Being afraid that my “model” might wake up at any moment, I took a few quick shots. Only then I noticed the father and daughter on the left, seemingly laughing at the poor fellow. So I took a few more shots. I quite like this one here.

All Alone and Still Gathering Attention