Descending into the Unknown

For a while now I’ve been planing to take a photographic trip through Hamburg’s subway stations. Most of them are quite old-fashioned, with lots of ceramic tiles, neon lights and metal railings. If one looks carefully, there are lots of cool shapes to be found. Or so I thought… In almost two hours I hadn’t taken a single interesting shot, so quite frustrated I decided to call it a day. But I’m not giving up entirely, and will be repeating the trip in the near future. Maybe on a rainy day…

As I didn’t want to declare the two hours as a complete loss, I forced myself to choose an image for today’s post among those images taken today. It was hard, but after experimenting some in Photoshop, I came up with this composite which has several symmetric and several asymmetric elements in it. How do you like it?

Descending into the Unknown