Managing Images

I’m still looking through my images: deleting, rating, assigning keywords. Thanks to Bruce Fraser’s “Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2” I’m quite fluent in Bridge and its image rating tools (0 – 5 stars plus five optional colors), but I’m having trouble coming up with a system of what these stars and colors mean. This post is an attempt to come up with a permanent system so that two images with the same rating are of similar “quality”.

My proposal is this. A photo without any stars has not been rated yet. One star is the lowest rating, and all images that do not deserve one star get deleted.

  • * — typical snapshot; representative of a place or an event; a photo without technical flaws but also without artistic merit
  • ** — interesting and technically competent, but still without artistic merit
  • *** — some artistic value; can be shown in an internet forum; non-photographers will be impressed
  • **** — good enough to be printed; clear theme, technically and artistically very good; invokes some emotion in the viewer
  • ***** — portfolio-class image; among the 25 best I’ve ever produced

I’ve yet to find good use for all color labels, but I use these two:

  • green — funny situation or funny pose
  • purple — a nice pose or expression of a person; he or she would be very happy to have this image