Missed the Queen Mary 2

I just saw on the news that the world’s largest passenger ship, the Queen Mary 2, is in Hamburg today. Apparently she docked at 5:00 and will head out for New York tonight at 23:30. Hamburg is a great maritime city and its folks are very fond of big ships. Each time one docks at the port, there are parties at the cruise-terminal and thousands of people line up along the river bank, waiting for the ship to pass by, waving, smiling, taking photos. The party extends even on the water where small ships escort the big one on her way to the North Sea.

So my first thought after hearing the news was: “perfect ā€” I’ll just pack my tripod and head out to the Elbe.” But it’s raining outside, I’m feeling kind of lazy, and at 23:30 it will already be very dark, so no interesting sky in the background. Don’t get me wrong ā€” if this were the first or the last visit of “the Queen,” I’d be out there no matter what, but this extraordinary ship has already been in Hamburg several times and her next visit is in less than a month (August 23, 2007).

Here is a photo from one of the earlier visits in Hamburg, a snapshot that I made without a tripod and from a less-than-perfect position.

Queen Mary 2