Roman Loranc

I’ve just discovered another great modern-age black-and-white photographer — Roman Loranc. His locations and his subjects are totally unspectacular and his compositions are so simple, yet his images are so exquisite!

Take for example the image “Edge“. It is perfectly composed, with an incredible balance between foreground, middle-ground and background. The light is great and the fact that we see the silhouettes of the trees but not the trees themselves makes the image very interesting. The color tone contributes greatly towards the early-morning dreamy mood of the image.

Although I find this image totally fascinating, I am quite sure that the negative taken by the camera is relatively boring. I can imagine that Roman spent hours dodging and burning various portions of the image, darkening the corners, playing with the contrast and the dynamic range of the scene. In fact (and I am totally speculating here) I think of Loran more as a painter than as a photographer. He seems to use the negative simply as a starting point for all the creative work that comes afterwards.

Other images that I like a lot are: “Kneeling Figure“, “Heavy Silence“, “Shadow Play, Study 2“, “Shadow, Lightning Rod“, “Cottonwood Lace“, “December Morning“, “Prayer Room“, “Clouds through Deergrass“, “Winter Bridge“, “Two-hearted Oak“.