Church Abstract

Yesterday I was invited to a wedding — as a friend, not as a photographer — but of course I could not resist and had my camera with me. The wedding was in a local church which at a first glance appears relatively plain and ordinary, but if one looks around a bit, there are some very compelling lines and shapes to be discovered. I was probably still under the influence of Roman Loranc since I managed a few interesting compositions in the short time before the wedding ceremony began.

As I was prepared for shooting people and not architecture, I had a flash with me rather than a tripod, but after bracing myself a bit and turning the ISO one stop higher, I was able to come up with this shot. I quite like the doubled lines, the tension between the straight and the curved lines and between the blue and yellow color nuances, and the balance between the strong blue curve to the right and the numerous yellow curves to the left. The three compositional plains — the pews in the foreground, the bluish arch in the middle-ground and the yellow wall and arch in the background — seem to round up the composition nicely.

I like this image a lot and would be very happy to read some critiques or suggestions for improvement.

Church Abstract

And here is a different crop, this one with an even stronger emphasis on the double lines.

Church Abstract (Detail)