Self-Assignment: Three of a Kind

Apparently the trick to “growing up” is to constantly push ones self by setting up goals and then trying to achieve them. But the goals have to be realistic, otherwise the whole thing ends up in frustration and ultimately in resignation. So instead of aiming directly for stunning images that speak volumes by themselves, I’ve decided to look for a series of three images on any given topic.

This has to be a simpler task, because multiple images can support and supplement each-other, and each image does not have to be perfect and self-explanatory in itself. For example, if I want to make an image about an exciting color combination, instead of looking for a simple image that contains all the exciting colors in one strong composition, I can make three images, each showing only one or two colors. Or if I want to show a beautiful plant or a blossom, I can take an image of it in the morning light, during the day with rain drops on it and then in the evening light. Or I can show different blossoms, with different sizes or in different stages of their development.

This three-of-a-kind idea has several nice side-effects:

  • it forces me to “work the scene” in order to produce several related images,
  • it makes me think about different ways of connecting the images: by theme, form, texture, or color,
  • several images with a common theme are much better for putting up on the wall than several strong ones that do not fit well next to each-other,
  • extending this idea leads to the development of portfolios, which seems to be the central aim of an art photographer.

So, the pressure is on again…