Bad Luck with the "Queen Mary 2"

Last time the QM2 was in Hamburg I missed her, but this time around I was at the terminal short before sunrise. Unfortunately the weather was typically north German again, and there was such thick fog that I could no see any further than 10 meters. On top of that there was lots of security around the cruise terminal, so I was basically out of luck. At around 9 am the fog was gone and the sun was up, but I’d already missed the morning light and the QM2 was surrounded by repair crews from all sides.

So I gave up for the morning and decided to come back in the evening. Since the sunset was at 20:20, I was at the terminal at 19:00. But there were so many people and so many cars, that I could not even get close to the ship. My only choice was to go back to the nice location from the morning and wait for the sunset.

QM2 Sunset

QM2 Detail

This was an hour before departure, and there was nothing more to get from that location, so I folded up my tripod and drove to the south bank, looking for a good view over the river. I did find a good position, but the QM2 did not leave on time, and it was 22:10 when she sailed past me. It was already very dark, so I had to use ISO 1600 to even get any images…

The QM2 Departing

Still, it was a nice day, and I’ll probably go again when she returns in July, 2008.