d-licious in Palo Palo, Hannover

Last night d-licious had a gig in Palo Palo in Hannover, and since I’d heard a lot about them but never seen them, I headed to the club after work. Only in the last moment I thought about taking the camera along, shame on me… The concert was great — lots of cool funk with some soul mixed in! And a bit of reggae since the crowd wished for it.

Christian, Keyboard

It was extremely dark in Palo Palo, so I mounted my 50/1.8 and set the ISO to 800. But with shutter speeds of 1/8″ even that was not enough, so I went to 1600. I also took a few shots with the 70-200/4 at ISO 3200. I must say, these came out surprisingly good! But still, the best shots came out with the flash and the lens wide-open in Av. Almost all shots have some motion blur in them, but some are cool exactly because of that!

Tom, percussion and vocals

All in all, it was quite difficult to shoot, and I had to resort to manual focus a few times. I must say, Canon’s full-time manual (FTM) is a great thing — sadly I don’t have it on the 50/1.8. Next time at a concert in a small club I must remember to bring the external flash along…

Michael, drums