Weekend in Milan

Europe is so nice and small! To me Italy is always worth a visit, even at the end of October, so when two months ago a friend of mine and I found flights to Milan for 35 EUR, we didn’t hesitate a minute. The trip was this past weekend and we spent three nice days: the weather was good, the food even better, the people were easy-going and the cultural possibilities quite abundant. I like such short trips very nice nice: one can feel the atmosphere of a city even in a few days, see the most important sights, enjoy a good meal, and of course photograph.

Undoubtedly the most important landmark in Milan is the cathedral (Duomo) — a very imposing Gothic church exquisitely decorated with marble statues.


One can even climb on the roof, walk around and look at the statues and architecture from a very close distance. Very, very impressive!


The rest of downtown Milan is also quite interesting: lots of cafés, restaurants, shopping possibilities and other notable buildings.


There was a large exhibition of David LaChapelle’s photographs in Palazzo Reale. Till now I’d only seen little of David’s work and it had not been my cup of tea, so I thought twice about going in. But the exhibition was a good chance to see more and maybe understand what all the critics are raving about… Well, David’s work is hip and his ideas are bold, but it’s a style that I cannot appreciate. I did like several photographs, the majority were too extreme, extravagant and provocative for my taste. However, if anyone can produce a photo to catch one’s attention, then it’s David LaChapelle…

As you can see from the images above, I’d brought a tripod along, which I used during one evening. Yes, it’s a hassle to carry that thing around, but to me it was well worth it.