How about this one? Art or not?

With my recent post about art I didn’t want to imply that that particular image was anything special, but I do think that is art. Here is a quote from Wikipedia: Visual art is defined as the arrangement of colors, forms, or other elements “in a manner that affects the sense of beauty, specifically the production of the beautiful in a graphic or plastic medium.”

I guess that in the image of the shower hose I’d seen something interesting that would allude the attention of most non-photographers. I then took my time to move the hose around so that its shape harmonized with the shadows thrown by the four halogen lights built into the ceiling. All in all, the image took me about half an hour, including setting up the tripod, swapping lenses, choosing the crop, exposing to the right, etc. OK, the fact that the image took me half an hour does not make it art, but if it made you look around your own bathroom and searching for interesting shapes, then maybe it was art.

How about this image? I’ve been driving underneath this railroad bridge for several years now, but only recently I noticed that the steel beams form an interesting pattern. During my lunch break on the following day I walked over and took a few shots.

Railroad Bridge

In my eyes this image too is nothing special, but it is another example of an object that most people take for granted and where I noticed an interesting pattern.