Self-Assignment: Best of 2007

During the last 3-4 months I’ve been looking through my images, deleting the weak ones, rating and adding metadata to the rest. About 40 images received either 4 or 5 stars and should eventually find place in my web galleries and printed portfolios. But since editing these images and dividing them in portfolios will probably take me a year, I’ve decided to start with a smaller task.

I give myself a month for building a Best of 2007 portfolio. This should be far simpler because it limits the number of images to consider and because I don’t need to look for a common theme. I think I’ll simply select the 12 best images shot in 2007, edit them and display them in a Web gallery. Because of the missing theme, the portfolio will not be that strong, but it will give me a chance to remember the highlights of the year, and it will serve as a reference next year, when I’ll hopefully make a Best of 2008.

I had to think about the number of images a bit, but I guess 12 is good: it should make a nice web gallery with 3 rows of 4 images each, and if I hold my due date, I could even print a 2008 calendar.

And now, the countdown is running!