White Frost

As I woke up yesterday the world outside appeared magic — everything was covered with a thick layer of white frost. This happens about once every two years around here, so I grabbed the camera and hurried outside. Instead of the 70-200/4 I put the 100/2.8 Macro in the photo bag, and even though there was enough light for shooting hand-held, I took the tripod along.

Beech leaves covered with white frost

Both turned out to be good decisions: the macro allowed me to get really close, showing the structure of the frost crystals and the tripod allowed me to get more DOF and to work slowly, easily switching between the camera and my cardboard viewfinder.

Frozen Marshland

After about two hours my fingers were really frozen, so I chose the short way home, where I was able to capture this trotting pony.

Trotting Pony