Sunday Morning in Hamburg's HafenCity

Last week I had a two-day training in Hamburg’s HafenCity. The weather was great and my hands were itching to go out and take photographs, but darn it, I had to sit in the classroom and learn new things.

For those not familiar with the HafenCity, or “Port City”, it’s Hamburg’s trendy (chic, modern, expensive) new district directly on the waterfront, with residence, office and recreational buildings shooting up from the ground like mushrooms.

Anyhow, I couldn’t take any photographs during the training, but I went back on Sunday morning. The light was good, so I spent a couple of hours looking around. No one was working on the numerous construction sites, so I climbed over the fence when I needed to get closer to my motives.


It was fun looking around and I ended up taking over 100 photographs.


I like the shadows from the wheel handles — to me they look a bit like flowers…