Abandoned Factory in Hannover

How photographically fascinating can a place appear if the weather is cold, the wind is blazing, and the light is flat? Well, not very much. Especially if the place is an abandoned old factory with broken windows where the wind is howling from all directions. If I’d not made plans to go together with a friend of mine, I probably would have glanced through the window and quickly gone back to bed. But I had, so I didn’t. So lesson number one is: always go with someone. This way you have additional motivation in case you start feeling a bit lazy.

Entering the old factory is forbidden, but we found a whole in the fence and got in. It was 7:20 am, and yesterday we would have had beautiful morning light. But today everything was middle gray and it was raining lightly. And yet the old factory was fascinating — large hangars, lots of twisted old metal, broken up doors, broken windows, glass lying around everywhere.

The Eye

And there were tons of really cool graffiti sprayed all over the walls. We only had about 90 minutes for walking around, but we’ll definitely be going back — on a warmer day, with sunshine and with more free time.

Silent Witness