"Holi" Celebration in Udaipur

Hi friends, I’m back from India! The trip was great, everything went well, and I’m now sorting through the photos, trying to decide what to write about first.


I guess the highlight of the trip was the Holi celebration which I experienced in Udaipur. I hadn’t planned the trip explicitly around Holi, but was very happy to be part of it. What a splendid festival! Once a year the pious Indians let themselves go and celebrate Prahlada’s belief in Vishnu by symbolically burning of the evil on the first day and playing with powder in many different colors on the second day — throwing it in the air or rubbing each-other’s faces with it. As the sun gets higher and the alcohol consumption rises (most Indians do not drink alcohol on any other day of the year) the games become rougher — water guns and water balloons get thrown around, instead of purely organic colors, chemically-based ones come into play, and when these are over even cow dung starts flying in the air.


Most traveler books suggest that tourists spend Holi in the safety of their hotels, but to me it was clear — there was no way I’d miss the colorful spectacle. So I made a few rounds during the earlier hours of the day. The atmosphere was spectacular, and I was not the only photographer out there and definitely not the only tourist.


Even though I stayed away from the roughest parties and returned to my hotel at noon, I got a good bit of color on my face and even more on the photo bag. But after an hour of blowing, brushing, scrubbing and washing I was able to get it all off.


And I thought India is already colorful on a normal day…