B/W Portraits from India

What’s wrong with me?!?! I went to India, came back with 1187 images, and the first ones that I’m showing here are in black and white?!?! From the country that people go to to experience color ?!?!

The first thing that I did to my images was to group them according to their location (so I could apply metadata easily). But in any one location I took images of people, animals, buildings, temples, etc. and it just seemed right to group the people together, animals together and so on. So now I have directories according to the image content, and the first directory that I started organizing and editing was “portraits.” I started with about 100 images and after some light image editing, sorting and rating, I’m down to 62 images that I’ll probably end up keeping. Of those, the faces of the older people seemed the most expressive, and — you got it — older faces lend themselves very well to black and white.

So here are my four black-and-white portrait picks from the 2008 India images.