New Web-Portfolio: India 2008

It’s been almost seven weeks since I came back from India, and I’ve finally finished my India 2008 portfolio. I haven’t been lazy or anything — it was just too much work. You might remember that I hate image-clutter, so I try to find the real keepers and I delete everything else. During the two weeks in India I shot 2900 images and already at night at the hotel I was able to reduce them to 1200. When I got home, I kept wading through the images — deleting, rating, deleting, adding metadata, deleting some more, editing casually then deleting again. I am now down to 486 images, and my aim is to get below 300. But before I spend another 7 weeks on that, I thought it’s time to make a portfolio.

Click on the thumbnail below to see the 16 images that I consider best. I hope you enjoy the images, and of course I’ll be very happy to read any comments you might have!

PS: I shot so intensively while in India that I haven’t wanted to take a single photograph since. But my hands are slowly itching again, so maybe I’ll go out and photograph some canola fields today. In fact I have to, since they are in full bloom right now and next weekend will probably be too late!