The Candid Frame Blog and Podcast

I have an iPod which I use quite often, but instead of listening to music, I usually listen to podcasts. There are so many great ones out there dedicated to any topic you can think of. And naturally there are also many that are related to photography.

The one that I’d like to bring your attention to today is The Candid Frame. Once or twice a month Ibarionex Perello talks with a professional photographer for about half an hour and we get a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of how commercial photography works. Sometimes the photographers talk about their creative process (Craig Tanner comes to mind here), and sometimes they talk about the “mechanics” of getting clients, archiving photographs or producing a portfolio.

Naturally not all photographers are born as public speakers, so some podcast guests are more interesting than others. And if you don’t like the work of someone, you probably won’t like their interview either. But in general I find The Candid Frame very entertaining/interesting/stimulating. And to boot, about twice a month it introduces you to not one, but two new photographers. That’s because at the end of each episode, the interviewee has to recommend another artist whose work they look up to.

I actually discovered the podcast not all that long ago, so I haven’t heard that many episodes yet. I started listening the oldest ones first, and a few days ago I got to number 37, Emilio Banuelos. I found his interview especially inspiring.