The Histogram — Light Meter of the XXI Century

The 2008 fall/winter program of the local Volkshochschule1 (VHS) came out today, and I will be teaching a course called “The Histogram — Light Meter of the XXI Century.” Since I like teaching, I’ve been wanting to do a photography course for a while now. My course will take place on Nov 1 and 2, four hours on each day.

On the first day I will explain what the histogram is, how to set up the camera to display the histogram and how the camera controls affect the histogram. Then I’ll get into the more controversial topic of how does an optimal histogram look like. And for the RAW-shooters I’ll explain the “expose to the right” idea. On the second day I’ll explain how to manipulate the histogram using brightness and contrast, levels and curves. And we will do lots of examples in ACR and Photoshop.

I’ve been teaching photographic concepts to my friends for quite a while, but this is the first time that I will be doing it officially. So I’m quite excited.

1 Volkshochschule = German school for adult education. It’s similar to a community college, but it does not grant any degrees.