Landscape Photography in Sweden

I’ve just come back from a week-long trip to Sweden’s west coast. Since photography has been coming very short lately, I’d mentally prepared myself for six days of intense photography — get up before sunrise, photograph, take a nap during lunchtime and go out again in the late afternoon. But I had two days of rain and two days of cloudless sky, so the photography was concentrated in two days only. Oh well, at least I was able to relax some — not a bad thing either!

I traveled by car, so I brought along most of my gear, but in the end I used my typical set almost all of the time: Canon 30D, 17-40/4, 50/1.8, 70-200/4 and my trusty cardboard finder, all in a small shoulder bag.

A quick glance through the photos reveals lots of photographic junk, a few images with potential and one image that clearly stands out.

With very minimal Photoshop help, this surely is my finest landscape photograph so far! How do you like it?