Christmas Present: Photoshop CS4 Upgrade

I am a great fan of Photoshop, and I never want to miss it. But if I had to pay the full European price for it (EUR 1100 Euro or USD 1595), I’d probably explore all alternatives first.

Luckily back when CS2 was the current version, you could buy Photoshop 6 shrink-wrapped for EUR 40 and the CS2 upgrade (EUR 198) simply required any previous version, no matter how antique.

When CS3 first came out I didn’t think much of its additional capabilities. By the time I realized the power of the recovery, clarity and vibrance sliders in ACR and the black-and-white conversion mask, Lightroom 1.1 was out, so in Dec of 2007 I contemplated upgrading to Lightroom and decided against it. And since CS3 was already an old product, I decided to wait for CS4.

A few days ago Photoshop CS4 was announced and the CS4 upgrade will be available in Germany on Dec 8, 2008. That’s one month later and USD 150 more than in the US, but I don’t care. I’ve already preordered my copy at Amazon.

Now, when the upgrade finally arrives, can I really wait till Christmas to install it? 😉