Epson 3800: No Dried Nozzles Yet

Just a short note for those still fearing head clogs and drying out of the print nozzles. Apparently these were real problems with older printers, but starting with the 3800 Pro, Epson claims a better and more resistant design. I guess I’ll have to agree…

I just I made a print on my 3800 after about 10 weeks of inactivity and the print came out technically perfect. OK, the printer made “head-cleaning noises” for about two minutes before starting to print, but it was all automatic, and as soon as it said it was ready to print, it was indeed ready to print.

I’m trying to make a 30×40 cm print out of this image. I’ve done three test prints so far (on smaller paper), and I’m still amazed at how much easier it is to see flaws on paper than on screen. I’m quite satisfied with the last test print, so if tomorrow morning I don’t see any further flaws, I’ll go for the final print.