Sticking with a Project

I love the way water glasses break up light into highlights and shadows. I’ve already photographed a few interesting glasses, and I’m always on the lookout for other ones. Recently I noticed an interesting pattern that a glass was making when filled with the appropriate amount of water, but unfortunately I was in a restaurant and didn’t have a camera with me.

My first thought was that it would be inappropriate to go back there with the camera, but I also hated missing the opportunity, so there I was yesterday — having breakfast at the same place with my camera bag and tripod resting next to me. Cause for the interesting reflexions are multiple lights on the ceiling, so I could not easily repeat the shot anywhere else.

Anyhow, after finishing my breakfast I quietly pulled out a larger piece of white paper as background, centered the glass, filled it with water and took out the camera. It was too dark for shooting hand-held, so I set up the tripod. I did everything while sitting at the table, with the tripod between the table and my chair. I didn’t think that anyone even noticed what I was doing, and I was done in a couple of minutes. As I was leaving a waitress asked me if I’d gotten nice pictures, so apparently someone was watching. But she was very nice about it and might even get a small print of the following image.


The fact that I went back for just that one image seems to show that I care about the subject more that I want to admit to myself. So maybe I should put together a small portfolio with the better images that I’ve gathered so far… In the meanwhile, take a look at this post for a few more examples.