Digicam with a Cell-Phone?

I recently wrote that since my dSRL is too large to carry along at all times I’ve been missing some photo opportunities.  Consequently I did some market research and bought a Canon PowerShot SD870 IS (called Digital IXUS 860 IS in Germany). This digicam is quite recent but no longer in production.  Its main advantage over its current brethren is the relatively low pixel count — 8 MP instead of 10 or 14 — and its advantage over the more advanced models (G10, etc.) is its small size.

I’ve now had the Ixus for a week, but I haven’t taken any images with it yet. The reason is the old one — no camera at hand when I need it. Even though I put the Ixus in my work-briefcase, I still didn’t have it with me when I went shopping, picked up a friend from the train station or walked over to the cafeteria for lunch.

I now vow to put the camera in my pocket and have it within reach at all times! Hmmm, isn’t that funny?  😕  I just promised to carry my digicam everywhere I carry my cell-phone.  Maybe they should finally build a cell-phone with a reasonable camera in it.  Or, since digicams are larger than cell-phones, integrate a cell-phone into a digicam?

Anyhow, let’s see if I get into the habit of taking the Ixus everywhere with me and if I have any images to share with you next week…