Pastel Abstracts

You might be wondering why the long pause since my last post. Well, let’s say that I haven’t been feeling very inspired for quite a while — I hope it doesn’t last much longer…

On a positive note, since Oct 1 I have a new job and a new office in a new building. Tonight, upon leaving the office, I noticed the cool lights on the wall, so I ran out and came back with my camera and tripod. Even though it was just a single wall with three lights, I had no trouble coming up with five different motives, all shot in less than 10 minutes.


(click on the image to see it larger)

Not only have I not posted anything on this blog in the last two months, but I really haven’t shot almost any images in that time!  And tonight I painfully felt the lack of practice.  I almost forgot to check the selected aperture, forgot to set mirror lock-up, or set the ISO back to 100…