Two Thumbs up for the Epson 3800

I’m amazed — I’ve owned my Epson 3800 printer for over two years now, and tonight was the very first time that I needed to replace an ink cartridge.  Light light black ran out first, but it will soon be followed by light black and light magenta.  As you see in the status window below, the other colors still have a long way to go.  Epson suggests that the cartridges should be used up within a year of opening them, but I do not print that often, so it took me quite a bit longer to even get to this point.  And — no problems yet!  🙂

I don’t care to analyze the print logs extensively, but I see that till tonight I’ve made 363 prints ranging from 4×6″ up to 13×19″, about 50% in color and 50% black-and-white.  The printing costs of the Epson 3800 are quite acceptable, the results breathtaking, and I wouldn’t hesitate to say that this printer has done more to improve my photography than any camera, lens or other piece of photo equipment.  Are you surprised?  I am!

Before I close, here is also a thumbs up for, where I bought the replacement cartridges.  I was very happy with their service — quick, professional and very reasonable prices.