I want to Photograph You!

If you live in Hamburg and have a cool hobby — say something between playing chess and flying a airplane — I want to photograph you!  Or say you’ve got a cool job — down in the DESY detector, something in the Elbe port or at the airport, working at an oil refinery or at a construction site — I’d be thrilled to get in there with you and take some photos of you, your buddies and of the site in general.  It won’t cost you a cent and you can have the original files, print them, mail them around, etc.  But I can use them too: for my blog, web galleries or my portfolio…

I’m thinking of things like skateboarding, rock climbing (indoor or outdoor), star gazing, anything in the performing arts (dance, theater, musicians), any kind of crafts (building different things, repair shops, working with your hands, producing something), working in storage houses in the Hamburg’s Speicherstadt or in a junk yard, etc, etc, etc.

We can exchange a few e-mails, work out the details on the phone and then meet for 2–3 hours.  You get some nice photos and I get some nice photos.  And I practice shooting in a new environment.  What can be cooler than that? 😉

The images you are seeing here are from my first “client”, a very nice and super cool guy named Klaus. I met Klaus by chance in January when the Alster lake in Hamburg was frozen and he was doing stunts with his bike on the ice.  And today we met again, this time for a 2 hour shooting in a park in Hamburg.  It was perfect and like the images very much!