3 Years NoArt Blog

Who would’ve thought…? That’s how these articles always start, don’t they?  Who would have thought that this blog would live on three years after its initial posting?  I guess, I did.  Back in July of 2007 it was my intention to blog about my continuous photographic efforts, and I surely did not intend to give up my hobby within three years.  So if all goes well, the blog will still be here for at least another 30 years…

But back to the present.  At the moment I’m photographing with a lot of joy and inspiration, and my current photographic interest, off-camera flash, is rewarding me with great images.

There were times however, when I didn’t take a photograph for weeks and weeks, but that’s probably everyone’s story.  We all go through our ups and downs and sometimes we produce great images day after day and other times it seems pointless to even think about taking the camera out of the closet.

Anyhow, happy third birthday to my blog and best wishes to you, my readers!