Photographing with Harald Mante

In an hour I’m leaving for a two-week trip to Trier where I’ll be taking a photographic course with Harald Mante.  The topic is “Color Photography” and I’m really quite excited.  I’ve never taken a course that concentrates on creativity and vision, so I don’t know what to expect, but my expectations are high!

Harald Mante (photo by Eva Witter)

Harald Mante is a German photographer famous for bringing compositional and color-design elements of Bauhaus-artists Kandinsky, Klee and Itten to photography.

Harald has been teaching since 1969 and is professor emeritus of color photography at the university of Dortmund.  He has  has published 12 books, and the newest one, Photography Unplugged, is receiving quite a lot of attention.  I already have a copy of it, so I’ll be bringing it along for an autograph.