photogether — Turning Professional

My last posting lies almost three months back, but if you think that I haven’t been doing anything photographic lately, you couldn’t be any further from the truth…

In fact a very good friend of mine and I have finally taken the plunge and founded a photography-related company! Yes, all of our ideas about what we could do and want to do have finally come to fruition! We’ve named the company photogether, as in “photo” and “together,” and we are going to be offering a large palette of photographic services.

My main focus will be the Photo Academy, an area dedicated to teaching photography through a large number of technical and creative workshops as well as organizing adventure photo-trips to exotic locations like India, Vietnam, Namibia, Cuba, etc. I will also be offering one-on-one consulting if no workshop presently covers the topics an individual is interested in.

Robert, my photo partner, who already has a lot of experience from doing projects with companies like Meridian Spa, Radio Hamburg, O2, alster radio and others will be concentrating on photographic design and commercial photo shootings.

The last two months have been very busy, but look at what we have accomplished: we registered the company, took care of all the tax and legal stuff, chose a name and a slogan, wrote a business plan, developed our own logo, printed business cards and put together a web page. And today we had our very first appearance as a company. We rented a table at a local camera trade show, laid out several of my India prints across and started giving out fliers describing our two upcoming events: a 17-day adventure photo-trip to India including the 2011 Holi celebration and a 10-day creative workshop with the professor of experimental photography Harald Mante.

We have lots and lots of further ideas, but all will be announced at the appropriate time. For now I just would like to invite you to click over to photogether and take a look at our webpage and our services. Thank you and we will be happy to read and answer any feedback that you might have.