Proudly Presenting…

pcurious logo grey 500

It might seem like a major overkill at first, but we did it anyway: we designed a logo for Photographically Curious.

We’ll be using it as an identity plate in Lightroom, as a watermark on our images and in our slideshows and online portfolios. And we’ll be printing some business cards. Why so much trouble, you might ask? Well, because making images is important to us.

I wrote a blog post on this topic in June of 2008, and I was right. Having a business card and a small portfolio with me at all times opened up some doors and saved me some trouble. If you are poking around in some industrial area or on a construction site you might get arrested, but I was able to prove that I am an (art) photographer looking for abstract shapes and images.

The card also helped me connect with some of the people I’d photographed on the street or met along the way. I’d photograph someone, then give them a card and say, “Get in touch if you’d like to have that image.” Or I’ll be photographing some event and someone would approach me and ask me to send them some images. I’d smile, hand them a card and say, “Take a look here tomorrow.” The result: less work for me, better image management and more traffic on the blog. Win, win, win situation. 🙂