Establishing our Brand

The whole “Photographically Curious” thing started rather innocuously: Katja and I needed a name for our Facebook page. But as soon as we agreed on that name, we felt that it very accurately describes the major driving force of our photography, so now, about a month later, we identify so strongly with this name that we’ve decided to turn it into a real brand.

The very first step was to create a logo.

pcurious logo grey 500

We then personalized Lightroom …


… by adding a custom identity plate …


… and watermarks over our public images.


We placed the logo in the upper-left corner of our slide-shows …

… and web galleries.


We then printed business cards to give to the people we photograph or meet along the way, and …


… last but not least, we created an email-signature for the correspondence with our “clients.”

This might seem like a total overkill, especially for a non-commercial project, but we believe that if something is worth doing, then it’s worth doing well. So why set boundaries where none are needed? For example, when I was describing the intended audience to the designer of our logo I boldly said “An editor of National Geographic.” 😉