Epson 3800 PRO: Still no Dried Nozzles or Head Clogs


I’ve already had some very good things to say about the Epson Stylus Pro 3800 printer (12), but today I’m especially delighted. For various reasons I haven’t used the printer at all during the last 18 months, so I feared that when I turn it on again, it will have dried nozzles or even worse clogged heads.

Well, I’m happy to report no problems at all. I turned the printer on, and it made self-cleaning noises for about 5 minutes. That’s unusually long, but I guess it’s OK after such a long period of inactivity. I then printed a test page, and all was perfect!

And then there was one more positive surprise. The yellow ink was very low, so after printing a few images I had to replace the cartridge. Guess what? It was still the original one, with an expiry date of “12/2008”. Maybe I’m just lucky, but all this talk about having to replace the cartridges every 12 months or otherwise risking dried inks sound greatly exaggerated to me. And this is good news for all users of this great printer.