Great Light Doesn’t Last Long


We are on a week-long trip to the Alps, and frustratingly we haven’t had any good light yet. The forecast for today was even worse than for the last days: lower temperatures, higher probability of rain and overcast sky for the entire day. They were right on the cold and rain…


… but just as we started preparing our camping dinner, the sun broke through the clouds and granted us 15 minutes of glorious light. We jumped in the car, drove 5 km to a nice viewpoint and barely managed to shoot these four frames before the light turned grey again.


The forecast for tomorrow calls for 1.5 hours of sunshine, so we hope to get even closer to Monte Bianco (aka Mont Blanc, aka the highest peak in Western Europe, 4810 m). The images here show Monte Bianco di Courmayeur (4748 m), the highest peak visible from Italy.