Looking for Travel Partner(s) to Tanzania and Zanzibar


Dear readers of Photographically Curious, have you ever daydreamed about a true African safari, seeing lions, elephants, giraffes, rhinos and zebras, experiencing a sunset in the savannah, or getting a glimpse of the life of people in Africa? Well, the clichés are all true — a trip to Africa is a truly unforgettable experience!

Katja and I are going to spend three weeks in Tanzania and Zanzibar, and we would love to have one or two of our readers join us. If you are interested in talking to us about this opportunity, please get in touch.

Here is our plan:

  • Fly to Dar es Salaam on 11 July, 2014. This is the best travel time for Tanzania: 25 °C day temperatures and virtually no rain.
  • Rent a 4×4 Toyota Hilux fully equipped for camping (two foldable 2-person tents on the roof, a table, four chairs, a gas stove, pots and pans, etc.)
  • Drive to the Kilimanjaro foothills, the Ngorongoro crater, Serengeti and other national parks
  • Experience the yearly migration of the wilder beasts and various other wildlife
  • Sleep in the roof tents, but on official camp grounds with showers, electricity, etc.
  • Cook simple food on the gas stove
  • Try to see and experience as much as possible from this fascinating country and its people
  • If we get a chance, spend at least one day and one night in a masai village
  • Have lots of fun, some adventure and tons of impressions
  • Return the car on 26 July
  • Spend a week on Zanzibar and explore the spice markets, beaches, fascinating architecture and people
  • Fly back from Dar es Salaam on 02 August, 2014.

This trip is perfect for you if you are:

  • easy-going, curious and adventurous,
  • open-minded, interested in foreign cultures and far-away places,
  • want to experience a pretty safe African country with a relatively good tourist infrastructure,
  • have at least a casual interest in photography and are ready to wake up before sunrise roughly every other day
  • fit enough to hike for a few hours or up to half a day (we envision max 3-4 hikes during the entire trip)
  • eager to actively participate in the research, preparation and carrying out of this trip

You can spend all three weeks with us (including Zanzibar) or just the first two weeks. The entire three-week trip should cost max 3600 EUR all-in (plus the flights to Dar es Salaam), so if we take one additional person with us, the cost per person will be 1200 EUR or 900 EUR if two people join us.

I’ve done a similar trip to Namibia in 2012, and it was an absolute blast.

DISCLAIMER: This is a private offer to our readers. It is not an organized trip for paying guests. We have not been to Tanzania before and offer no guarantees as to what we will experience or what will or will not happen during this trip. We will carry no liability. However we have lots of travel experience, and we will do our best to make this an unforgettable trip for everyone.

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