Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone!

A busy and very exciting year is about to end and we want to thank you all for following our adventures and for your support.

And we want to quickly go through our journeys, remember the highlights of each one and be thankful for all the experiences that influenced and enriched our lives.



  • We started our year in Rome and came back as an engaged couple. What a happy beginning of a new year 😉

February/ March:

  • We founded our travel company, 1001 Unforgettable Trips, which changed our lives completely. Every free minute we have is now dedicated to learning, improving the website, creating content and organizing everything. It’s not just a blog but a real company which implies a whole lot of work. But we are addicted to the idea and are eager to work on it as much as it takes to inspire and help like-minded travelers.

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  • We spent a great holiday north of the artic circle on the Lofoten Islands and came back with more stunning sunrise and sunset pictures than ever. We really loved the mixture of cute villages, high rising mountains and remote beaches. We will definitely be back for more northern lights!



  • We spent a family camping trip in beautiful Brittany, which unfortunately we ended up a couple of days earlier due to too much storm and rain. But we still enjoyed the rough coastline, the food and the friendly people immensely.



  • We had our last workdays end of June and turned our dream into reality: a tour around the world in order to explore more countries (and at a slower pace) than it is ever possible during our yearly holidays.
  • Right at the beginning we did something we’ve never done before: We put on crampons and helmets, and well equipped with ice axes and ropes we learned how to climb glaciers in the Alps. What a great preparation for more adventures yet to come! ;).



  • We left Europe and headed to Afrika to spend three weeks in Tanzania and Zanzibar. We learned about growing coffee and bananas in a surprisingly green part of Africa and went hunting with a tribe in the bush. Tanzania was interesting, but Zanzibar we liked much better. We are never going to forget the narrow windig streets of Stone Town, the great food and the incredible colors of the ocean.



  • Then we went to Asia, starting with the malaysian part of Borneo. We really hoped to see real jungle there, but unfortunately the palm-oil industry has taken over and destroyed almost all parts of the original jungle. Rather disappointed of the small portion of rainforest left, we could at least observe countless creepy night creatures. And we had great sea-food and many exotic fruits in Kota Kinabalu.
  • After that the Philippines kept us busy for a while. In three weeks we got a good impression of three very different islands (Mindanao, Camiguin and Cebu), visited indigenous tribes, climbed an extinct volcano, zip-lined for the first time and made first experiences with riding a motorbike in Asia.



  • Our high hopes in meeting and photographing the authentic colorful indigenous people in Papua New Guinea during the famous Sing Sing festival and beyond were brutally disappointed. Also the welcoming in Port Moresby was more than unfriendly, so we quickly changed our plans and left the country after a couple of days.
  • But this gave us a chance to spend three extra weeks in Indonesia. We were positively surprised by Bali, which we expected to be extremely touristy and less to our liking, but we enjoyed it as well as Lombok and the Gilis tremendously. We made numerous motorbike trips through nature and along the coastline, but the highlight was our three-day hike up to the beautiful active volcano Mt. Rinjani.



  • Our next trip was a very different experience from all the others, but that was the purpose of the visit. We visited Bangladesh, which is one of the poorest, but also one of the happiest countries worldwide. This was a unique experience. We won many new friends and acquaintances and were delighted about the numerous photo opportunities and life-stories revealed at every corner. We also met our friend, the renown documentary and street photographer GMB Akash and taught in his First Light school of photography.20141005-Bangladesh-059545
  • The couple of days we spent in Singapore afterwards really felt like a culture shock to us. In comparison to Bangladesh the wealth, the modern technology and the level of cleanliness felt overwhelming.
  • Our next stop was South America, and we started with Ecuador, an authentic smaller country with a wide natural diversity.


  • Instead of the planned two weeks, we ended up spending five weeks in Ecuador. We climbed mountains as high as 4791 m, hiked through gorgeous Andean mountainous landscapes, visited villages and colorful markets and went on a hiking and camping trip through the rainforest.



  • Feeling short on time we decided to skip Peru entirely and fly directly to Bolivia. This country doesn’t have a coastline, but we were more interested in the high Cordillera mountains, Lake Titicaca, the desert landscapes of the Southwest and once again the Amazonas jungle. All of these were fascinating and memorable in their own way, but we’ll always remember the salt desert around Uyuni and our five-day Andean trek to altitudes up to 5326 m. Bojidar even climbed up to 6040 m on his attempt to climb Huayna Potosí, but did not reach the summit because of heavy thunder and lightning. Bad for the mood, but still an unforgettable experience.


Looking back at 2014

What a great year!

But due to the logistics of planing a world trip and traveling for six months as well as our intense work for 1001 Unforgettable Trips in the founding year there was not much time left for keeping up to date regularly. We feel very sorry for that, but hope for your understanding.

If you are interested in traveling as well we invite you to come and take a closer at our 1001 website. Also tell us what information you need and help us creat interesting content for you.

Last but not least we want to wish you all a joyful Christmas and valuable time to spend with the people you love.

We hope that you can look back to a wonderful year and wish you a great start into 2015. Our recommendation: Go out and turn your dreams into reality! There will always be reasons why it’s doesn’t fit at this moment or another, but don’t wait for too long!

Big hugs and best wishes from Bolivia,
Bojidar & Katja

How was your 2014? What was your most memorable photographical moment and which exciting places did you visit? Please share your experiences in the comments.