Is This Art?

I recently confessed to being a technology-junkie and obsessing about photo equipment much more than about image content. Well, about a year ago that was indeed all that I cared about, but nowadays I’m always on the lookout for interesting shapes and rich textures.

In fact I’ve been going through a metamorphosis lately. On the one hand I’ve gotten somewhat better at seeing and I’ve started discovering images all over the place. On the other hand I’ve started carrying my camera much more often with me, so that I can capture these interesting scenes right then and there, before they disappear or the light changes. OK, I’ve not produced any masterpieces yet, but I think I’m on the right track.

Here is an image that I recently “found” in a hotel room.


The question is, is this Art? Are the shadows thrown by the shower hose interesting enough to warrant taking out the camera and tripod? Can the image be made more interesting by letting a Photoshop guru edit it? I wish I had some answers…